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GeoFarm International

What Makes Us Unique

GeoFarm realizes that to offer a quality product of this nature is not only a software development task, but that just as much emphasis must be placed on the science behind precision agriculture. By comparing satellite imagery with harvester data, we have developed custom algorithms which will increase the reliability and accuracy of data. Custom vegetation indexes for different crops are being developed and when extrapolated over the entire country can give the number of different crops currently planted, their condition, and yield.

Using satellite imagery in isolation is problematic and many products on the market currently make this mistake. Therefore, at GeoFarm satellite imagery is measured against ground-based data so that it can be accurately calibrated.

What We Offer

  • Crop yield estimation

  • High resolution satellite imagery

  • Personal farming data storage and management

  • Ground sensors, installation and maintenance thereof

  • Customized vegetation index algorithms

  • Extensive in-house vector library

  • Various crop monitoring tools

  • Highly scalable systems architecture

  • Custom software development

  • Local environmental condition monitoring